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Peragimus, "We Accomplish"
A Brief History of the 358th Infantry


This document was transcribed from a book, more like a booklet, that belonged to my father who served with Company A. There is no publisher, publication date or author cited. However, the U.S. Army Military History Institute lists it in it's bibliography as:

U.S. Army. Peragimus, "We Accomplish": A Brief History of the 358th Infantry. Weiden, Germany:
Ferdinand Nickl, 1945. 56 p. #603-358.1945.

358th Regiment, A Working Bibliography of MHI Sources

The work contains a number of photographs but poor quality makes scanning a futile effort. There is also a pull out map of the Battle Route of the 358th Infantry Regiment. Unfortunately, the map is torn in half. Perhaps I'll be able to produce a scanned image at a later time.

Robert Schiller

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