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N.Y. Times Article, The Wonder Years: Homework Is Free Online

The above article that appeared in the N.Y. Times Business Section on 10-Sep-2001 is accompanied by a photograph of two men lounging on a Tel Aviv beach. They are the owners of the Web site "that for the last five years has offered essays, book reports, term papers and even doctoral dissertations for easy downloading". According to the article one of mottos is "Where men are men and the teachers are nervous." Their site is accessed by 10,000 people daily. One of the owners, Kenneth Sahr, says that "8,000 are from the United States, 1,000 are Canadian and the remainder are from other countries". Quite a number of homework papers are available for free. Apparently, for better quality, they charge up to $8.95 per page. Mr. Sahr started the site after learning of the "mediocrity" of the educational system while attending Miami International University.

This article is an eye opener for me. I first asked for donations to help support World History Compass in June, but so far, not one penny has been donated. At least I now know where the money is going. More disturbing is that is accessed about 10 times more than World History Compass. This is depressing, but I'm not surprised. I started WHC in order to try and play a small part in enriching history education. I'm also of the opinion that something needs to be done about the mediocrity of education. Am I naive? Perhaps. Am I going to give up? No!

Hopefully Times readers will focus more on the very short mention of Rutgers professor, Donald McCabe and his Center for Academic Integrity. Somehow I doubt Professor McCabe will be found lounging around on the beach.

Robert Schiller

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