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Australia's Military History 1860-2001
The Sudan, Boer War, Boxer Rebelllion, World War I World War II, Malaya, Korea, Vietnam, Confrontation with Indonesia and The Gulf War.

Australia-Japan Research Project
Provides a resource for historians and others interested in the Australia-Japan relationship, especially in war, from 1901 to 1957. Contains a database of historic materials, several research essays and seminar papers, and various research aids, including glossaries and thesauri of geographical and military terms. A joint enterprise between the Australian War Memorial and the Japanese Embassy in Canberra.

Australian Railway Historical Society (Victorian Division)

Australian Science Archives Project
Australian Science and Technology Heritage Centre of the University of Melbourne.

Australian War Memorial
National collections of relics, personal and public records, art and media. Canberra, Australia.

Aviation History, Australia
Contributions from Australians to world aviation.

Brisbane History Group
Researches and preserves the history of Brisbane and its environs.

Brisbane's Living Heritage
A network of 31 museums showcasing Queensland's history, including handy maps and suggested tours. Produced by Brisbane City Council, financially assisted by Centenary of Federation.

Centre for Western Australian History
Encourages and assists individuals and groups interested in researching and writing Western Australian history. Publications, newsletter and journal. University of Western Australia.

Decisions of the Superior Courts of New South Wales, 1788-1899
Division of Law, Macquarie University.

Directory of Achives in Australia
Australian Society of Archivists.

Documenting a Democracy - Australia's Story
Collected on this website are the sets of documents which tell the story of Australia's democracy. There are eight different sets of original constitutional instruments: a set for each Australian State, one for the Northern Territory, and the set for the Commonwealth of Australia, established by Federation in 1901.

Electronic Journal of Australian and New Zealand History
School of Humanities, James Cook University, the Tasmanian School of Nursing of the University of Tasmania.

The First Queensland (Moreton) Regiment
Seeks to portray the military and social life of a volunteer soldier of Queensland during the period 1887 to 1891.

The Greek Community of Darwin, in the Northern Territory of Australia
In English and Greek.

HASN - History of Australian Science and Technology Newsletter

The History Immigration to Australia

History of Policing in New South Wales

Journeys in Time: 1809 -1822
A transcription of all of Lachlan Macquarie's journals describing his tours of inspection in Australia entitled: Lachlan Macquarie Governor of New South Wales; Journals of his Tours in New South Wales and Van Diemen's Land 1810 -1822.

Limina: a journal of history and cultural studies
Journal of historical and cultural studies published by a collective at the Department of History, University of Western Australia.

Museum of the Riverina
Regional museum attached to the Wagga Wagga City Council. New South Wales.

National Archives of Australia

National Museum of Australia

New South Wales Rail Transport Museum

On the beach : Australia's nuclear history
Presented at French Worlds, Pacific Worlds Conference, 16 July 1996. From Australian Science Archives Project.

Papers of Sir Joseph Banks
British naturalist who accompanied Captain James Cook on his voyages around the world. There are approximately 10,000 manuscript pages and include correspondence, principally letters received, but also reports, invoices and accounts, journals, plus a small quantity of maps, charts and watercolours.

Parliament of New South Wales
Situated in Sydney, the Parliament of New South Wales is the oldest Parliament in Australia.

Picture Australia
Cultural heritage of Australia as documented in pictures. The National Library of Australia.

Queensland State Archives

Refractories in Australia

State Library of Queensland

State Library of Victoria

Totalisator History - an Australian Achievement

The University of Queensland Library

White Australia has a Black History
Sources for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies in the National Library of Australia.

New Zealand

Archives New Zealand

Auckland International Airport Information and History Section

Electronic Journal of Australian and New Zealand History
School of Humanities, James Cook University, the Tasmanian School of Nursing of the University of Tasmania.

HUMANZ: History of Print Culture in New Zealand
Humanities Society of New Zealand.

National Library of New Zealand

National Register of Archieves and Manuscripts (NRAM)
A database of archival collections held in museums, local government bodies, libraries, historical societies, community repositories, and in-house business, educational, religious and sporting archives throughout New Zealand.

New Zealand Labour History
History of the industrial labour movement in New Zealand.

Pioneers in New Zealand and the South Pacific
A collection of online illustrated historical articles and stories about the early times in New Zealand and the South Pacific Islands.

Timeline of Main Events in New Zealand History
By Statistics New Zealand.

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