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About World History Compass

World History Compass is provided as a free service although I will happily accept your support. Its immediate goal is to provide links to history sites anywhere in the world. While it's probably impossible to link to every site, I believe WHC offers enough links to at least get you going on the right trail. Hopefully, WHC is making a small contribution to the study of history.

I have endeavored to keep the design of WHC as simple and straightforward as possible. The focus is on content and ease of use. I have recently added simple searching capabilities. At this time searching is limited to words and phrases. I will add more sophisticated searching at a later time. In the meantime I'll be adding more and hopefully, be keeping the links up to date.

Recently, I've added digital versions of Peragimus, A Brief History of the 358th Infantry Regiment and a Journal of the 1st Battalion of the 358th. I will be providing more content to WHC in the future.

Add a Link
If you know of a Web site that should be listed on WHC, send it in and it'll be evaluated as soon as possible.

Sites dealing with propaganda, conspiracy theories, religious or ethnic hatred will not be considered.

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If you own or maintain a Web site with a newer URL than the one listed on WHC, I'd appreciate you sending an update. This is the fastest way to update your site on WHC.

Feedback and Comments
If you have any comments or suggestions regarding WHC, I'd love to hear from you.

News & Announcements
If you would like to have a news item or announcement listed on World History Compass, send an e-mail to: with the text of the item so that it can be added to the WHC News page or, a link to the item if it's already on another Web site.

Support World History Compass
If you can, I would appreciate it if you would take a moment to support World History Compass. Won't you please help?

Thank you,
Robert Schiller

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